How to donate

  1. You MUST read the Terms of Donating and check the agreement check box.
  2. Click on the icon for the correct amount you'd like to donate.
  3. Finish the transaction on Paypal when it comes up.
  4. When the transaction is complete, please fill out the form below so we can confirm who you are to get your donate reward.
  5. Please wait patiently up to 24 hours after we receive your payment to obtain your donate reward. Bugging us will not make it faster.

Terms of donating:

Donatations are completely voluntary, you are not obligated in anyway to donate. You are recieving digital goods in return for donating to our cause. Upon donating you are agreeing to these terms. Upon agreeing, you're stating all information given is legal. AquaRO staff have the right to refuse a donation as they wish. If you attempt or do a refund on paypal will result in a ban of all the refunding persons accounts. When you donate, you do not get any special privileges or get to break any rules of the server. We will keep your donation confidential.
Choose an amount

When you're done submitting your donation, go into your transaction in PayPal and fill out this form and hit the submit button. When you see the confirmation message under the submit button, your form details have been submitted and we will fullfill it as soon as possible.